31 Mar 2016 22:25:06

About me

Some information about me



  • c++, assembler x86_64, avr/arm, linux binutils, gcc toolchain, git, POSIX, GTK+, opengl, php, python, lua, bash, blender, EDA (geda, eagle, kicad, spice & it's derivatives)
  • SQL, redis, drupal, web develop, ajax, html, css & other similar stuff.
  • Hardware experience: soldering, pcb design, manufacturing. AVR/ARM MCU families, SPI, I2C, uart, ethernet, TCP\IP, UDP\IP network stacks, NFC (rc522), Access control(СКУД), interrupt/event driven systems.
  • semiconductor power control solutions (lighting, door locks, stepper motors etc), ADC, general purpose electric systems, integration with desktop & web environments, web systems (slack webhooks, ifft), internet of things (IoT).
  • Ecommerce systems, SAP
  • 3D modeling & 3D printing: blender, stl formats, experience with I3 reprap prusa printers.
  • AC/digital circuits, RF solutions.
  • Management, experience of team leading.

Done work:

  • internationals portals & infrastructure for industrial European companies, 5 years of highloaded development in big teams, Team leader role experience.
  • different hardware applications & automations. SmartOffice SmartHome systems. 
  • And lot of other


mail: job.pavelruban@gmail.com


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